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Become a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

No IT Background Necessary

There are no pre-requisites for starting our Salesforce bootcamp. If you are motivated for a career change, and are driven to learn new concepts, our industry expert instructors and our well-planned curriculum will help you achieve the rest.

Receive Administrator Certification

Our bootcamp is geared towards helping individuals learn the skills necessary to pass the Salesforce Administration exam. Along with our stellar curriculum, Salesforce Trailheads help you gain the skills necessary to pass the exam. After you are certified, you can keep your certifications active through the maintenance modules on Trailheads.

High Job Satisfaction

Salesforce saw a 38% rise in its job listings from 2021-2022. Salesforce will generate 9.3 million new jobs in the ecosystem by 2026 Globally. Salesforce is repeatedly listed as one of the top 25 best jobs. An average Salesforce Admin salary is between $80K -$120K in the United States.

What is Salesforce used for?

Engage customers with relevant, empathetic digital marketing from anywhere.
Sell smarter and grow your business faster from anywhere.
Quickly launch and scale ecommerce built around your customer — from anywhere.
Provide great customer service from anywhere.
Go digital fast and empower your teams to work from anywhere.

We Will Be Your ITechacademy Expert

1-on-1 individual sessions with each student.
We will train you on how to give an interview.
We will make so much confidence so that you can join this brand new industry.

We Keep Your Career Cloud Moving

We train you in ITech Academy.
We give you live projects for practice.
We will help you to get ITech Academy certification.

Why Select ITech Academy As Career

Work with a world dominating innovative Technology.
Enjoy extensive job opportunities.
High earning potential.
Multiple routes into the ecosystem.
It doesn't matter to an IT backround or no, you can do a job in the ITech Academy.

The Art Of Our Training

We provide you best trainer that trains you efficiently and energetically.
We train you each aspect of ITech Academy from Admin to Developer.
We also giving you a 100% guarantee of Job Placements.
We also train you how to write emails to the recruiters, how to talk in interviews, and many more important points.

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